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YouthsThe nations are full of young people just like you, who have promise in their future but have been limited by their present situations and circumstance..
The Christians of these nations must come together to guide these youth, young men and women such as yourselves unto a path that will bring about promising leaders for the world.


Esther and Joseph both became leaders of great influence who moved their nations forward and affected other nations. But they were guided by wise adults who were in turn under the influence of the Living God of Isreal.

The Lighted Church has developed a youth ministry that will ensure our leaders of tomorrow will follow the path of righteousness as dictated in Proverbs 22:6. Gather all you people from the corners of the earth and come and hear the Good News of wonder, wisdom, knowledge and love.

And guess what? Its packaged for you to have fun while you learn.

So enter into a time of the Word of Knowledge that will bring you into your promised future either as an Esther or a Joseph.

To lead the young people to Christ for salvation and then into responsible spiritual maturity and to help them retain and utilize their abundant youthful resources under the Lordship of Christ, Ephesians 4:13.

Goals for Youth Ministry
1. Accept Christ as Lord and Savior and grow in the knowledge and understanding of Bible truths.

2. Be sensitive to the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit and genuinely worship the Lord.

3. Become active and dedicated Church members and loyal Christian disciples.

4. Witness for Christ and apply Christian principles in every area and relationship of life.

5. Live Rapture and Heaven conscious lives

6. Be faithful stewards of their time and talents and use their leisure time constructively and develop habits of personal Bible study and devotions.



” Like Royalty we shall be taught to reign in Victory. As Queens we must claim our Kings and Kingdoms.”

To create young ladies who know their position in the Kingdom as well as respect the authorities they live under. Exactly like Esher.

To impart knowledge of the most important aspect of being a young lady of good standing and to extract the strengths, goals, ideals and dreams which are hidden inside the young ladies.

Scripture: Esther 4:14 – .thou knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?

Topics such as Decorum, Proper comportment, Table Manners, Hygiene, Dating, Marriage Preparation, Make-up Application and use are also treated.




How? Men are born leaders and heads of homes. When the head is right, the entire body will function better. Therefore, we affect the young men so that they can affect their domain and so affect the world at large for Christ.



1. 2 Chronicles 27:6 – “Jotham became mighty because he prepared his ways before the Lord his God.

Jotham’s mightiness was due to preparation for it. Preparation therefore is the hallmark of success.

The Joseph Company helps to prepare the young men through the word and the wisdom of God to become as great and successful as Jotham.

2. David said in Psalm 63:1; “Early will I seek thee… Early could both mean first thing in the morning on a daily basis. It can also mean seeking and knowing God early in life as in the case of David.

2 Chronicles 26:1-5 – Uzziah at the early age of 17 began to seek God (verse 5 therefore recorded that as he sought the Lord, God made him prosper).

One’s destiny is secured for the future when one seeks God early. This, The Joseph Company is doing in the lives of young men.

Joseph had a destiny – like the young men in Christ

  • Joseph had a dream. One can catch a dream of one’s future from the great promises of God. Your dream could give rise to your vision. Dreams and visions are given by God.
  • Though Joseph faced several challenges, he still held on to his dream. He believed in his dream and patiently waited to see it fulfilled.
  • He was tempted, and the pressures of life could have made him sin against God, the giver and the fulfiller of dreams but he, irrespective of the pressure and pleasure of sin, stood in righteousness.
    Righteousness exalts a nation (a people). We can only win over the devil and realise our dream by righteousness.

The Joseph Company trains the people to live in righteousness and hold on to God in the midst of peer pressures and societal influences of their digital generation.

  • The Joseph Company teaches that as in the case of Joseph, the trends of life does not mean that God abandons us or is no more committed to our greatness. It is because God wants us not only to be fulfilled in life but for our lives, through our experiences, to minister and be a blessing to many other people. The Bible, in Genesis 39:21 says that God was with Joseph even in prison.
  • Joseph eventually, at the age of 30 became a leader in a foreign land and also became a saviour for his people and other nations. Millions of people knew the greatness of the God of Joseph. He fulfilled his destiny.
  • Joseph fulfilled his early dream. His dream came to pass.
  • The Joseph Company takes the young men from the dream stage to realisation stage of their lives. Seeing them becoming what God created them to be.


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