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Psalm 121:1-2
“I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help 2. My help cometh from The Lord, which made heaven and the earth.”

The above statement was made without an iota of doubt in the heart of David where his help comes from or who his helper is. It’s a great feeling for one to know that one has a helper and to know how to access his help and also that that helper is The Almighty God.

Over the years, out of practical life experiences David had met different people and had also encountered different situations in life and through it all he came to the understanding that different persons have different Helpers, different persons look up to different avenues or persons for their help. But he decided to make The Lord God almighty, the maker of the heavens and the earth his helper.

It is good at this point for us to underscore that help is not necessary till there is a need or a challenge. For one to say that he has a helper, it invariably means that he had sometime been in need or in danger and he got an assistance from someone to come out of the challenge.
David had many life problems and he know who helped him. The trouble and the help was so much that The Lord earned the title “my helper….

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