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Psalm 23:1-6

Faith for tomorrow teaches that our triumph in the kingdom is based on our faith and that our faith for our tomorrow’s victory is built on our today.

Again it tells us that our faith is our antidote for every trial of our life, that we defeat every challenge of our life by our faith.

It is our faith that brings out the power of God to fight our battle of life and that the battle of faith is not developed in our time of battle; it is only used in the time of our battle but developed in our time of normalcy…..

We build our faith by trusting God and confessing our trust before the battle time.

Many people are prone to make negative declarations. They speak continually of how bad their business is, of how bad the economic situation is. By their negative declarations they bring a destructive power into their lives.

Instead of making negative declarations you must be determined to give affirmative confirmations- confessions of creation, victory, and abundance. Envision or imagine yourself resting in the green pastures of business or job, and watch how satisfied you will become.

Feed this language of faith into your soul, visualizing God’s daily provisions. Then sing out that you are satisfied every day in the green pastures of life,

This leaves you with a great assurance that when you allow Him, when He is your Shepherd. He will always lead you aright and to a place of your ultimate satisfaction.




Author: Charles Ojei

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