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If you are in the battle field as a soldier and you encounter pain, if you can’t bear it and you begin to nurse it, your group will leave you behind and the enemy will kill you.

Enemies are looking for those who can’t endure pain to kill them.

You are meant to endure hardness to be promoted as a good soldier of Christ. Worthy and victorious soldiers endure hardness. The more hardness they endure in the battle of life the more promotion they get in life.

  1. Pains don’t kill; rather they toughen you up. There is this saying that “what cannot kill you makes you stronger”.

When you start flogging a person, there will be pain and the pain will increase as you continue flogging him, but after a time, especially if you are flogging him at same spot, that spot will get tough and harden and the pain will reduce till he can’t feel the pain there any more.

 All you need to do is endure the pain till such a point where your body becomes too tough for the pain. That is the time you disgrace the devil and the Holy Ghost takes over!

In your daily life as a child of God, you face situations that are so painful to you; not physical pain but in your soul. Such pain no matter how bad can’t kill you. You are meant to bear it for after the pain comes the promotion. You are meant to hold on till you win.

  1. The pains of life can bring you shame. Many can bear the pain, but they can’t take the shame. But because most pains come with shame, you need to overcome the two to be promoted.

So as much as the body can bear the pain, the soul finds it difficult to take the shame. Your soul will look at the shame and the pain of the problem comes so much.

It is natural that when you fail in anything, you feel the pain in your soul. The pain depends on the extent of the failure, but the failure do not only bring pain but shame… how can you face your family? How can you face your friends? What will your neighbors say? But really WHO CARES? Though it is not good to fail but instead of killing yourselves with how others feels about your failure, use same energy to go back to where you failed and try to succeed. That makes you a great person.

Most great people failed many times but because they did not quite trying, they succeeded at last to become great. Your covenant destiny has wired you to be like that. You are a born champion.

The more you worry about what people will say concerning your failure, the more pain you subject your soul and the more pain you subject your soul the more you are killing yourself. You don’t need that. Just go ahead a try again to succeed.

  1. Who cares about shame when you have a crown of glory waiting for you?

Who cares about shame when you are still alive?

Who cares about shame when God is still on your side?

Who cares about shame when you know you are still pursuing your destiny?

Bear the shame and get your victory at the end.

  1. There are many things people can do to see themselves out of the mess they find themselves in at a particular time, but because of shame they could not move on with it.

You know what is to despise shame?

Despising the shame can be achieved by saying to the shame;

Listen to me shame, who do you think you are? Do you see that joy in front of me? Compared to the joy, you are less than nothing. You are not worthy compared to that. I despise you. Do you think you have the power compared to the joy before me. You have none. You have no power to stop me, I don’t consider your existence, I am focused on my ultimate joy and so I can’t look at you”. 

You can easily overcome pain when you can despise the shame!

Don’t allow the pain bend you over. Bending over is a sign of succumbing to pain. When pain pulls you down, pull yourself up. It can be painful but it worth it.


Author: Charles Ojei

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