Meet the Set-man-Pastor Charles Ojei

pst-ojeiAn apostle of God, Pastor Charles Ojei has lifted his congregants spiritually; as a teacher, he has lifted the pages of the Bible into the hearts of his followers; as a leader, the man of God has expounded the servant-leader principles as Jesus taught His disciples; as a motivational speaker, he has inspired his audiences by injecting his strong Christian values into his enthusiastic speaking; as a counselor, he has brought solace to homes and families; and as a bridge builder, Pastor Ojei continues to engineer souls to move from hope to heights. Born into the family of Peter and Alice Ojei in Bukuru near Jos in Plateau State of Nigeria, Pastor Charles has been a man of determination from his youth. Wanting best things in life, he stops at nothing at achieving his goals. An only child, Charles was raised with cautious pamper by his mother, who became a widow at an early age.

Growing up for Pastor Charles was a life deluged with challenges and step-by-step, he has built a body of testimonies showing his strong and deep relationship with God and it is his success that drives him to lead his congregation toward Christ.

Ordained an evangelist in August 1992 at the Solid Rock Assembly Lagos, Pastor Charles served the Assembly for several years before he received the calling to start The Lighted Church on December 11, 1999. In keeping with a specific instruction from the Lord to bring together a people who will be a light to this world, Pastor Charles wrestled with this injunction for as long as he could but eventually submitted himself to the will of God and was ordained a Pastor by Pastor Taiwo Odukoya of The Fountain Of Life Church Lagos on December 11, 1999. Pastor Charles, a teacher of the Word and an avid reader ensures that his members do not just study the word but know it historically and spiritually while expounding its many facets for their all round victory in life.
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Upcoming Events

  • 05Jul

    All Worship and Communion ServiceExcellence Hotel And Conference Centre Ijaiye-Isheri Road, Aguda-Ogba, Ikeja, Lagosi09:00 AM

  • 02Aug

    Family Month-Communion ServiceExcellence Hotel And Conference Centre Ijaiye-Isheri Road, Aguda-Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos09:00 AM

  • 23Aug

    Family DinnerExcellence Hotel And Conference Centre Ijaiye-Isheri Road, Aguda-Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos04:00 PM

  • 28Aug

    Church VigilExcellence Hotel And Conference Centre Ijaiye-Isheri Road, Aguda-Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos04:00 PM




Isaiah 10:27(KJV)

27 And it shall come to pass in that day, that his burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder, and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing.


TIME 8:00 AM


@6.30 p.m.

( Brethren should endeavour either to fellowship @ the addresses close to their houses or offices forhouse fellowship meetings on Wednesdays.)

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God's actions or in-actions are governed by His principles. When your life aligns with the principles of God, you will have the best of Him...
Watch every action you take because every action has a consequence! Though your actions might be inspired by the devil, it does not stop you from bearing the consequences...
God does not understand anything contrary to His principles and will. So be vigilant lest the devil deceive you into displeasing God...



  • 1 Corinthians 9:16-23Fulfill-Your-Destiny-The-Trent-3

    All we need in life to excel is already embedded in us by Jesus; all we need to do is to consciously change our past nature so that we can experience the change God has ordained for us. Inside the old lump is the new; the old has to be done away with for the new to appear. You will not only experience your own change when you change your past nature but your change is hooked up to the fulfillment of your destiny on earth. Your destiny is what the master has prepared for you to do or to be and when you become that faithfully, you please the master and ultimately earn yourself an incorruptible award.

    Jesus bought you with a price; His life, His life of abundance.

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